Rebel Lyrics Addon


Step by Step Installation Guide


1) The Confluence skin is shown below.


2) To begin installing the addon navigate to the system and select it.


3) Scroll down and select System.


4) Scroll down to Add-ons then go right then scroll down to Unknown sources and click on it.


5) Click yes.


6) Go back to the homescreen and select File Manager.


7) Select Add source.


8) Click the top address bar.


9) Type: https://rebellyrics.000webhostapp.com/repo then select ok.


10) Highlight the second address bar and type: .Rebel Lyrics then select ok.


11) Navigate back to the home screen and select System


12) Select Add-ons


13) Click Install from zip file.


14) Click .Rebel Lyrics


15) Select repository.rebellyrics-0.1.0.zip


16) Wait for the notification indicating the repo has been installed.


17) Scroll up and select Install from repository.


18) Locate Rebel Lyrics Repo and select it.


19) Select Video add-ons


20) Select Rebel Lyrics


21) Select Install


22) Wait for notification indicating the addon has been installed then hit enter.


23) Select Open


24) Select Rebel Lyrics Youtube Videos


25) You should now have access to your favourite videos.



Hopefully this guide has helped you and hopefully you enjoy the add-on.